(I) I expect about 3/4 of people to say yes, as SST has implemented several effective marketing strategies that look well on paper

(II) ICT and Science, as our name suggests

(III) More boys, anyone with a deeper knowledge of the school will notice immediately. Also, the name Science and Technology seems to attract more boys than girls.

(IV) This question is tricky as the view of the public and the results we get is dependent on the age group and other factors like mindsets, but i am guessing it will be more towards the "no" side as using laptops as a major part of our learning programme is a relatively new concept, we might face a lot of disagreements with this method

(V) This is very subjective, though i think the majority of the answers will be "yes", as the LD might be viewed as a platform for gamers.

(VI) Yes, the answer definitely and will be yes. As many things are linked to glasses, "nerds" in the perception of the public eye are usually people who have interest in science and studies in  general. "geeks" are people who repeatedly check for newest updates and obsess over new content, in context, "technology geeks" are people that  just love technology and like checking out the newest updates or newest gadgets, and as geeks and nerds are often linked to having myopia, yes.

(VII) Scientists would be a favoured choice as the name School of Science and Technology hints so. Tech person would be next followed by Inventor, another steve jobs and maybe other options like engineers

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