1)Do you know about SST?
Yes: 21 
No: 14

2)Do you have a child, and if you do, would you be interested in enrolling him/her in SST? (Recognition)
Yes: 6 
No: 0

3) Are you interested in enrolling in our school? (Recognition)
Yes: 16
No: 19 

4)What do you think of the gender composition of SST is?

-More Boys 35

-More Girls 0

5) Do you roughly know where SST is?
Yes: 8 
No: 27 

6) Do you think SST Students may have Gaming addictions?
Yes: 22 
No: 13

7) Do you agree with our style of learning through ICT (Impression)
Yes: 25 
No: 10 

8) Do you think SST has any sports CCA? (Impression)
Yes: 19
No: 16 

9) Do you think SST is a good option for sports? (Impression)
Yes: 19
No: 16 

10) Do you think that enrolling in SST will give you/your child a good and promising future? (Impression)
Yes: 24
No: 11 

10) How would you rate students interest in SST on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being not at all interested.
4: 10

Interviewees: 35

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