According to Data-

60% of people knew about SST and that is only a small group of people being interviewed. Imagine WORLD WIDE? SST is probably an ant compared to NUS in terms of worldwide. Thus, this means that we have lots of work to do. Thats where the other data comes in.

First, would be the interest of enrolment of our school. Seeing that the rate of people wanting to enrol in our school is quite low, is quite a worry to us. After all, we should make an impression on others for our school to thrive.

Secondly, the position of the school. This is sort of related to the first. This is just to check the knowledge of one of the school itself. I must say that it was quite a shock to me. Remembering during P5, I got a brochure of some sort to inform us of this school. Well, maybe I'm hallucinating.

Thirdly, gender composition. Every single bet was on Boys. Thus, there must be a problem in the public thinking: 'Boy + Tech = Brilliant' This must be a widely known problem in the social aspect of Singapore.

Fourth, ICT and Gaming. The interview states that the public thinks that our applied learning via the mac is good. And yet, they think that we have gaming addictions. Ok, maybe some of the students do play from time to time. But we must change the public idea of this. How? please refer to the recommendations tab, though I suppose SST could organise some event to teach students in and outside school about cyber-wellness.

Next up, sports. It seems that I've mistaken once more. I thought that the public are thinking that SST are 'nerds' with those large spectacles and what not. However, I was proven wrong. Thus, I conclude that this does not have much to work on.

Finally, potential. The public seem to think that SST students has potential in the near future but not many are interested in SST. Thus, my hypothesis is that they thought of SST as a good school but there are better ones. This means we have competition. Therefore, it gives us more reason to fight and defend our school.

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