Our recommendations
-Generally, SST should hold more talks, give out brochures, spreading through the internet. In a nutshell, just spreading our name.
-Next we should promote ICT and Cyber-wellness. This would certainly help to erase some doubts others have about gaming in our school.
-Following up, our posters, banners, brochures should have some female population in them, to encourage that this school os for everyone, regardless of gender. As female mature faster, our school may increase in terms of knowledge and ideas.
-Lastly, in order to compete with others we need to come up with programs that would be appealing to the eye. After all, 'kiasu' parents seem to compare school together and evaluate which school is better for their child.
-On that note, we would also need a lot of luck on our side since our 4 years of age is nothing compared to school with lots of years of experience

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